Monday, March 9, 2015

Red Crayon

Some kids chew on crayons. Some kids eat crayons. They really are very pretty and it is tempting to have a nibble. Our Maelee was no exception to this rule, although she may have chewed on them  a bit longer than other kids.

In Kindergarten her teacher saw her walking around the room during play time and noticed bright red around her mouth. Concerned it was blood she took a closer look at Maelee and talked with her about it to discover she had eaten a red crayon.

The teachers and health office professionals at Maelee's school have ALWAYS been carful, supportive, and absolutely amazing with her enzymes.

Pretty soon after the eating of the crayon was discovered I get one of the most memorable phone calls ever from the school health office. "Hi Kamarah, quick question for you. Maelee seems to have eaten a red crayon this morning. Just wondering if you think we should give her some enzymes?" 

I thanked her for her exceptional diligence on Maelee's behalf and said that I thought it would be OK not to have enzymes for the crayon, and assured her we would talk about (again) not eating crayons anymore when Maelee got home from school.

Then Frank and I talked that night about the possibility of maybe finding a high calorie crayon somewhere or inventing one for CF kids.

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  1. Just read this to Tim and had a good chuckle! You are hysterical!