Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charlie-Bots are Ready!

Charlie's "take-apart-box" came into full time use during the assembly of these robots. His favorite hobby is taking apart unwanted electronics (or really anything with visible screws to unscrew). He has gotten to take apart an automatic stapler, lots of flashlights, an old printer, cell phones, computers, and lots of other random items. His favorite thing to take apart was on old VCR.
When I see the old "mother board's" on some of the stuff he has spread out during his un-assembly sessions I flash back to when I was growing up watching my Dad take up apart his computers. He also loved to see how they worked and could mostly fix and put them back together himself. Dad would spend hours on the phone with his friends who knew he had computer knowledge trying to fix their computers over the phone and then end up over at their house doing it in person. So G-pa JLB passed on his tinkering to Charles I suppose.
Charlie-Bot's will be available at the April 11, 2015 CF Is Not Forever fundraiser.
5pm Cardon Park 2540 E. Fairview, Mesa, Az 85204

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