Friday, March 6, 2015

Odd Man Out

Chuck is the 2nd in birth order. He is the only Adams kid who does not have Cystic Fibrosis. Charles is another testament to Heavenly Father's love for all of his children to see what personalities come along in families and when they come.

Chuck's heart has always been tender and so full of love. I remember being made very aware of his sweet tender heart at a park one morning when he was 3. A girl at the park with her mom, neither of which we knew, got upset. She fell down and was crying on the concrete. Chuck saw her distress, beat her own mother in a foot race to the girl and wrapped his arms around her assuring her she would be OK.

Anytime he is offended by a hit or any other such misdemeanor from one of his siblings and they get into trouble for their behavior he is the one who comforts them and talks me or his Dad out of continuing the scolding or time out, etc.

Since his forever he has shown an extreme fondness and attention to babies. He will sit and hold a baby just soaking up their sweetness just as long as any mother will let him do it. He doesn't care if they cry, or stink, or wiggle he just loves. He has been the most anxious for our new baby to come.

The painful part for him right now is being the one who doesn't have CF. Not seeing yet that it is a great blessing to his body he is jealous of his siblings and the attention they get for taking their medicines and doing treatments, which of course it totally understandable and normal. He feels left out of their "club."

A few days after we found out about the new baby having CF we told the kids about it at dinner.
His facial expression immediately revealed his broken heart. "I don't want the baby to have CF Mama," he told me. "I want her to be like me."

We want her to be like him too, because of his natural ability to love and forgive and see someone who needs support and provide it. He is a supreme big brother.

He is such an important part of our family and his constant presence and support for his siblings during their treatments is possible because of this special and sensitive heart he was given. Chuck is one incredible odd man out!

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  1. Made me cry. :) We've seen Charlie & his big heart in action.