Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hoping for Fearlessly Extraordinary

So since one of my duties as the mom of this household is to decide what is a "Sunday movie" and what is not we all watched the original stage-to-home-movie production of Saturday's Warrior this weekend. No sooner had we started it had we all learned the lyrics to and were singing "Humble Way."

Although written for its humor I loved the confidence and power that the song brought out in the kids and thought it was the perfect mantra for the first day of school tomorrow. So here is a Mother's hope that her children will smile their faces off and remember to be "fearlessly extraordinary." Just like those two missionaries in Saturday's Warrior.

P.S. - I have seen the trailer for the new Saturday's Warrior but haven't seen it yet. I am sure it will be fabulous, but can anyone ever top the incredible hair of the original stage-to-home-movie experience?


  1. Are you complimenting our hairstyles of the 70's or being sarcastic? Why do you think I am so bothered by thinning shorter hair? Our hair was a "crown on our heads"!

    1. Absolutely complimenting! I am totally impressed by the volume!