Monday, July 18, 2016

Sanity Choices : The Pee Drops

Although I have not been writing much on the CF Is Not Forever blog, I still know that indeed CF Is Not Forever. Ideas for posts sometimes float through my brain but I have not been catching them quick enough. I have been enjoying the summer with my family. Also I have been working on a personal life changing goal. Silly to some perhaps, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed working on and am still working on. I hope I get it done in the allotted average time (about 6 months) but each step I take on my project helps me to feel more focused on what I really enjoy doing and what needs to be done. The best part about this project is that for once it is a project that is clearing my life instead of filling it. I hope to finish the project and write about it when its complete.

In the mean time as a sort-of-byproduct to my current big project I illustrated a little comic that may or may not ring true to other mothers of multiple children. My oldest daughter happened to see it after I was done (She likes to snoop on my desk. One of her favorite and best talents is snooping so I let her do it to me now in realization that I am also doing it to her in her room and will continue to do it at an increasing pace as she gets older) and told me it was funny and she liked it. So it gave me the courage to post it on the blog in lieu of my lack of posting. Maybe I will make more, maybe I won't, but it was a fun way to spend my time last night anyhow.

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