Monday, July 25, 2016

Heaven is Cheering You On!

When I finished reading this talk, my spirit soared. After reading it I knew that besides of course my family I would want Elder Holland to be transported in a golf cart every 3 miles along my hypothetical future marathon route. Hypothetical in that it would be a physical miracle if I ever did run a marathon. But if I did I would want someone to get this guy out there to cheer me on. Because I think with his powerful words of encouragement I could get through anything.

I was so excited after reading this INFACT that I skipped rough drafts and tracing boards and pencils and went straight for my brightest most powerful oil pastels to really get my feelings across. These are (in my home anyway, you can make your own choices of course) wall worthy words. So I say to myself, “pin this to the wall baby and let the power of the words and images that surround me in my home solidify the testimony I have and want my kids to have. Thank you Elder Holland!”

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