Monday, May 30, 2016

We Saved the Hole (first Adams Family Hit Song)

So as we processed the edge our seat experience with "saving the hole" in Orson's stomach so he would not have to have surgery again to replace his G-tube, lighting struck our brains with the lyrics to a song that would be the big grand finale finish to part one of the currently non-existent made for tv movie about Orson's life with a g-tube. We titled our future platinum hit song "We Saved the Hole."

LYRICS to "We Saved the Hole" by The Adams Family

We saved the hole
We don't have to have surgery

We saved the hole
We won't commit perjury

We saved the hole
There's no such word as "flerjury"

We saved the hole today
ba dum ba dum ba dum


The title of the song and main stay of the lyrics was inspired by a conversation one day with Orson's surgeon last year. She was educating Orson, Frank, and I about how to "save the hole." Meaning of course to keep the hole from closing if the g-tube ever came out unexpectedly. She repeated the phrase "save the hole," many MANY times in this educational appointment. By the time we left we had made jokes about making t-shirts with the slogan "save the hole" on them, but thought it may come across as lewd or just confusing unless you happened to be a g-tube family.

And yes, Frank and I very frequently discuss slogans for t-shirts because our secret dream is to open up a combo donut and screen printing/clever t-shirt selling shop that would be wildly successful due to our clever t-shirt designs and slogans in combination with fantastic hot donuts.
So while the t-shirt shop will contain this shirt someday, in the mean time this song was born and lives in our family now.

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