Sunday, May 1, 2016

That Time I Tried to Cut His Pants

We had not been dating very long but it was the first time my boyfriend was going to meet my parents. It was not a situation I had really been in ever, having an official boyfriend and being out of highschool that is (a grown up relationship, as much as it is when your 18 anyway)and I wanted it to go well. My parents had already left for my younger brothers football game and we were going to meet them there.
He knocked on the doorbell and I took my mental notes of his appearance scanning for anything my parents may notice. He didn’t dress like my brothers so I figured that would be a red flag right away. Of course I was very taken with him and wanted them to feel the same way. My mom is an exceptional laundress and always made sure our shirts were ironed and we looked put together. I remember several times being ready to leave for the night and stopping in to say goodbye to her and having her ask me to let her iron my shirt before I left. So when my boyfriend walked in with the hems of his jeans hanging off his pant legs 3 inches on both sides I assumed he did not know he was in such disarray or he would not of left home like that.
My natural instinct was to grab a pair of scissors and cut off the dangling hems, once again assuming he just hadn’t gotten to it himself yet. So I did. He had no clue why I was searching for scissors in the kitchen since he thought we were leaving right away but when I bent down to cut off the hanging off part of his jeans he was surprised and to my surprise very upset. He wanted to know why in the world I would go off and try to cut his pants, while I of course wanted to know why in the world he would walk around tripping over and having his pants being stepped on. But in the end of course they were his pants.
Now of course it seems very rude of me to – without even asking – presume cutting his clothes would be something he wanted. His reasoning was endearing. He said he had finally broken in this particular pair of jeans. He had worn them on his mission for our church in Australia, and also worn them many days working at his current job. He had worked hard to get the hem worn down enough to unravel and my cutting it off would be to ruin all of his hard work and take away the significance of a nicely broken in pair of jeans.
I learned a lot from that interaction between us. One thing of course was to communicate better myself and stand still longer mentally before jumping to fashion and appearance conclusions. Another thing I learned was how sentimental my boyfriend and future husband was.
All of these things I thought about last month when I was going through a long collected stack of old jeans and cutting them up for a project. The style of his dress has evolved with his age and he doesn’t wear his jeans quite so baggy anymore but his sentimentality remains a great part of his charm to me.

The "broken in" jeans

Of course he would want this cut off right?

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