Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happiness Is Having A Father Who Cares

Want to read an amazing talk by an amazing man on the sacred role of Fatherhood. Check out this one by James E. Faust in the link below.

We are extremely blessed to have a father in our home who cares. He makes us so happy. We all love him more than we can express with words, cinnamon rolls, or homemade cards and ties (although we are trying hard to show it with those things today).

Here are our top 10 father moments from this June to last, though many more than 10 exist. We just narrowed it down as best we could.

1.       Last July Dad got us to Oceanside, California. We had planned the trip months in advance not knowing we would have a family funeral come up. He made sure that on our day at the beach all the kids went on their own walk with him down the beach to collect shells, rocks, and talk. Then he drove straight through from Oceanside, California to Geronimo, Arizona to get us to our Great Grandma’s funeral because he knew it was important to be there.

2.       When school started in August Dad took the day off of work so he could see the kids off to their classrooms.

3.       In September for Labor Day camping he took it upon himself to make special treats for us on the campout. Including brownies inside of oranges and roasted Starburst over the fire.

4.        Dad helped Maelee with her piano lessons because he is the one who knows how to play, not the mama. When Maelee had the chance to play a piece for the “Primary’s Got Talent” talent show he stood beside her providing immense moral support.

5.       The kids were all very grateful and their lives where changed when over Christmas break he introduced them all to old school Star Wars movies. Then to top it off hunted down some clearance Star Wars shirts to wear around for them.

6.       Despite his own desire to go to bed earlier he stayed up until midnight with the kids on New Year’s Eve and made it a fun party with his excitement.

7.       He planned the activities for his families Christmas party and gave us all the opportunity to crack raw eggs on ourselves. In his planning he always is thinking number one of what the kids will think is cool and does exactly that.  

8.       He took us to the MCC rock and gem show and showed us how cool it was to have a geode cracked open right in front of us, and how petrified wood is the coolest thing ever.

9.       He ran 2 half marathons which made the kids so proud and he lets them wear his medals around.

10.   My personal favorite Dad moment this year happened when Orson asked Dad to be the one to stay the night with him at the hospital so they could “camp out and talk all night.”

It is a very special thing to have a loving, unselfish, and kind father to lead our family. I am grateful to him as a wife that he holds the covenants with God he has made throughout his life as highest importance. That he helps me in all I do as a mother, that he forgives me for my mistakes, that he and I can take turns being cheerful and "the fun one" when one of us needs a break. That he can step in and make dinner, pass medicine out, do our CF treatments with the kids, put the kids to bed, or help with homework. That he is there and that he cares. We love our Dad and cheer for all Fathers who care today!

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