Thursday, May 28, 2015

Letter to Ruby : May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015

Dear Baby Ruby,

     Guess what? We can’t wait for you to get here! Charles has been dreaming of holding you since Thanksgiving morning when we told him you were coming. He talks about it all the time. How he is going to sit and just hold you all day long. Every morning when I would walk him and Orson to the Kindergarten playground to play until the bell rang he would stand by me for a while each morning and proudly point out my pregnant belly to anyone who would turn our way and say, “My mom is having a baby you know.” And his eyes would shine and you could see him dreaming of you and he already loved you and he hadn’t even seen you.

      Maelee has been praying about you since she was 2 years old. She started to talk about you, not that she wished you would come, but that she knew you were coming. It was always matter of fact when she referenced her sister, you. When she first started praying about you it was before we had told her we were pregnant with Charles. When we told her we were pregnant then, and then found out it was a boy she didn’t seem worried. She was older when the same thing happened with her second baby brother, finding out it was a brother and not a sister I mean. She was more upset then. Impatient I think for you to get here. Then after Dad and I went to the ultrasound when we found out Maelee’s sister was finally coming we went right away to see her at her school. She was eating lunch and she knew we were there to tell her if she was having a brother or a sister. She jumped up from the cafeteria table and ran to meet us halfway for the news. Happy isn’t a strong enough word to describe the look on her face when we told her she was having her sister come. Now, especially since my stomach is so big since you are almost here she is always stopping throughout the day to give you a hug. She tells me, “I can’t wait to have my baby sister Mom.”

      Orson, your big brother, is the youngest right now. He seems a little worried about sharing me with you. You two will have the most time together before he starts school. We will have our routine together when school starts again, the three of us - while Dad is at work and the older two are at school. If you feel squished sometimes, its him gabbing his elbow into my belly trying desperately to make himself comfortable on what’s left of my lap. He does talk about you and what he will help you to learn while we are driving in the car. Morning time in the car is his deepest thinking time to think before he speaks. He has mentioned you often during these last few weeks. So at least he has a little sense of you coming into the family.

We all love you very much and will see you soon!


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